In Defense of Cleaning My Own House

By Ashlea Johnson, LCSW

Over the twelve years of my marriage we have had many renditions of household cleaning systems. We have been lucky enough to have wonderful house cleaning companies help us out. We have had fiscal crunches happen where we had to acknowledge the need to handle chores on our own. And we now have two elementary school age children that are capable of helping out with chores around the house. I’m finding that a game changer- one of those darn parenting moments where what you WANT is in opposition to… Continue reading

Scheduling for Summer Success

By Ashlea Johnson, LCSW

Summer is upon us and many families that I see are starting to consider summer camp options. In the Orlando area we have a variety of options- full or half day camps, sports and creative pursuits, free play day care camps versus babysitters at home for more “down time” for our children. With so many options how can parents know what is best for their child?

First let’s acknowledge the realities. If you have to work then your kids need to be supervised so surrender to that and let go of the… Continue reading

What is cognitive behavioral therapy and how could this help me?

By Ashlea Johnson, LCSW

Summer is upon us and at Summit Mental Health Services, we often have patients enter therapy during this time of year because their schedule is more flexible during this season. It is not any surprise that a large portion of any private practice’s patient population is seen for anxiety. We live in an anxious society and a sensationalizing media in this humble writer’s opinion promotes that issue for all of us. Nevertheless, for whatever the reason, these folks find their way to our door to… Continue reading

Technology Disconnect In Families

By Ashlea Johnson, LCSW

I meet with families all the time who discuss the disconnect in their families. They bemoan the technology that steals away the hours with their children as if it is some mystical force that they cannot control. I sit quietly for a long while most of the time and then eventually ask them, “Why don’t you have a technology curfew to protect some family time each day?” I wish you could see the befuddled look I get from parents at that question. It is as if I asked them to fly their… Continue reading

Facebook and Natural Selection

By Ashlea Johnson, LCSW

Don’t worry, this is not another cautionary tale about the downfalls of online connection with people from your past. I am not warning you about the dangers of creepers online, or the increasing evidence that Facebook is becoming a tool of the unhappy and unappreciated husband or wife in finding validation. Quite the opposite in fact, I love Facebook. I have a great marriage, supportive friends of the non-virtual world kind, and a pretty good set of coping skills (as far as I know). And I have loved those few moments each… Continue reading

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